A Portfolio of more than 250,000 product lines

The Supply Technologies Product Portfolio contains more than 250,000 product lines, which cover all B&C items. We have in excess of 7,500 component manufacturers within our global supplier network, who produce a wide variety of plastic and metal parts.

Through this network we have access to a huge number of product lines. We continually add new parts to meet our customers’ requirements. This website is just snap-shot of what is available from our suppliers. If you cannot find the exact part to suit your requirements our team are on-hand to source the product that you need, giving you all the benefits of a single source component supply.

Here are just some of our product areas:

Fasteners and Fastening Devices

Supply Technologies’ global sourcing with more than 7,500 suppliers ensures that you’ll get the exact parts you need, on time, at the best quality and at the lowest price.

Precision Mechanical Components

Supply Technologies provides customers with a full range of precision mechanical components, allowing them to assemble any end-use product, on time and at the right cost, anywhere in the world.

Industrial Graphics

From the automotive industry to the house appliance industry, Supply Technologies is recognised as a leading global distributor of Industrial Graphic Solutions to top manufacturers in a variety of industries.

Consumable and PPE

Supply Technologies provides a wide range of consumable and PPE products to manufacturers on time, and at the right cost, anywhere in the world.

You need to give customers a consistent, seamless experience by building more speed and flexibility into your logistics to quickly fill orders in all channels.

Remove the burden of manual management and ensure your team has access to the right Personal Protective Equipment they need, with the automated accountability you require. Supply Technologies removes the burden with a range of industrial vending solutions that make it easy to dispense a wide variety of PPE such as eyewear, protective gloves, hearing and respiratory devices.

​Supplier Alliances

Supplier alliances are built on trust, this increases ability and dependability of various stages involved in the supply chain.

Supply Technologies has forged strategic partnerships between organisations, such as Southco, Stanley and 3M, so that each stage of the process achieves mutually beneficial goals, with decision making being done with the consideration of other parties.

Easy coordination between Supply Technologies and our suppliers means better operational implementation and scheme valuation, which can be passed to our customers in the form of increased productivity.

Catches and Latches

We have a huge range of catches, latches and stays, from quality manufacturers such as Carlisle Brass, Fingertip Design-FTD, Delamain, Ludlow Founderis, and more.