Supply Technologies prides itself in managing each of our many global locations like individual small businesses, backed by the international support of dozens of sister divisions. This philosophy promotes accountability and enables responsiveness, while embracing our core values of Teamwork, Customer Focus, Technical Excellence and Global Culture.


Our most important asset is our people. No one person can satisfy the goals we set for ourselves but one person can hinder our ability to achieve those goals. Working together as cross-functional teams creates a competitive advantage and sustainable business processes. Through effective communication, responsiveness and cooperation, our trained team members work together to exceed customer expectations.

Customer Focus

Our strength is delivering solutions customised to the needs of customers, which add value to their operations, processes and products. We know that to properly understand value in the eyes of our customers, we must be connected with every part of their organisation that the programmes we deliver touch. Whether buy/sell or full VMI with electronic B2B systems, we adapt to meet our customers’ changing expectations and appreciation of value.

Technical Excellence

Supply Chain Management requires attention to detail ,while keeping abreast of the latest developments in systems, engineering, quality, sourcing, and administrative processes. We are a leader in our industry thanks to upskilling and development of our employees, improvement initiatives, and our commitment to delivering world-class global systems.

Global Culture

Advances in global communications make the world an increasingly small please. Our employees are encouraged to use these tools and become globally aware. This can take the form of sourcing initiatives and working in multiple currencies, to understanding and collaborating with colleagues from a diverse range of nations and around the globe. World-class companies conduct business around the world.


Supply Technologies is committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction through consistent leadership in services, products and sound business practices, strong values and solid partnerships. Underpinning all of these commitments is our culture of quality.

Our reputation for delivering quality products and services, and helping our customers to create the same is built on five equally important, but different and complimentary building blocks.

Supplier Alliances

We have partnerships with more than 10,000 suppliers across the world, meaning we have access to the vast majority of products our customers are looking for. The strength of our relationship with our suppliers and our team’s expertise in sourcing new ones to ally with means that if we don’t already stock what you’re looking for, there is no doubt that we can find it.

Employee Involvement

Our efficiency and innovative solutions come from empowering our team members at all levels to suggest improvements.

Operational Efficiencies

Our global network of deports gives us the ability to efficiently supply and assist customers across the globe. Companies that work with Supply Technologies can be confident that we practice what we preach, maximising our own competitiveness and the cost to them.

Technical Perfection

Companies leading their fields in manufacturing and engineering need to give their customers confidence in the technical perfection of their work, and to do so they must be able to trust that the same levels of quality apply to their suppliers. We are open with our customers about our quality policy and what we in turn expect from the businesses that supply us.

Continuous Improvement

Engineering sectors and their supply chains are defined by continuous improvement at all level. As a business Supply Technologies is committed to making the products and services we supply better, not just once but constantly. By working with our suppliers, engaging with our team, striving for greater efficiencies and technical excellence, we drive down your costs and ours.